3D Design Kitchens, Visual kitchen

Touch Reality at a glance

  • A one-of-a-kind innovative and unique experience to bring your ideas to life !
  • Tool for designing a professional kitchen
  • In just fifteen minutes, you can have a fully functional kitchen.
  • With the help of our smart assistant, you can focus on your design.
  • 4K resolution 3D in real-time!
  • Flexible and portable, you may work from any location.
  • Peruse our extensive collection of catalogs, including actual brand names and logos.

Touch Reality is a cutting-edge ICT company that uses cutting-edge technology to produce a unique kitchen solution. An immersive user experience based on Touch Reality fundamentally transforms the design and sale of kitchens to end customers.

Touch Reality vs. a more conventional design tool

Conventional design tool

  1. Inaccessible outside of the workplace
  2. The average time you need to wait for a picture is five minutes.
  3. There’s no help from a machine.
  4. Only the generation of technical content

Touch Reality tool

  • Easily accessible from any location and on any device (cloud base solution)
  • An intelligent assistant that provides built-in, automatic support.
  • A beautiful canvas on which to scribble your thoughts and bring your visions to life.


  • Professional kitchen design tool
  • Save time and create a kitchen in 15 minutes
  • Focus on your design, thanks to our smart assistant
  • Real time 3D in a 4K resolution !
  • Fully mobile and versatile, work from everywhere
  • Browse through our wide range of catalogs with real manufacturers’ references

Your Kitchen Is Functional

The technical aspects of the design can be overlooked if you’re not a professional interior designer. A kitchen’s cabinets, sink, and appliances must all be easily reachable and usable. Using kitchen design software will help you with the technical aspects of your plans. Using the design program, you may create kitchen layouts that are both useful and realistic.

 Save both time and money

As a result, kitchen design and renovation will be completed considerably more quickly. Waiting for a designer to develop layouts that you can review and approve is unnecessary. As a self-employed designer, you’ll be able to speed up the design process.

Try Out a Few Different Styles

Try different styles freely. Is there anything you can do when you have a lot of kitchen ideas? Of course, you should try them out! Using online kitchen design tools, everything from kitchen shapes, layouts, and trim can be experimented with.

3D Design Kitchens software will enable you to select from an almost infinite variety of kitchen layouts. Try out different layouts until you discover the one that works best for you. Try a variety of color schemes, flooring types, and other elements to discover your ideal combination.

Views in All Directions

You’ll get a true picture of your finished kitchen’s appearance if you can see and experience your design from every angle. If you didn’t spot any errors or omissions in the design when looking at it from a distance, you might easily fix them now. In addition, you’ll be able to play around with different combinations of the faucet, cabinetry, and backsplash to see how they all work together.

Design the Smallest Details

A space or a kitchen comes together thanks to the tiniest of details. Online kitchen design software allows you to customize every aspect of your kitchen, no matter how little it is. Color, texture, and finish all play a role here.

Start Designing Your Dream Kitchen Now!

Make use of visual kitchen design software if you’re creating a new kitchen or remodeling an old one. Make sure your kitchen design is exactly what you’ve always wanted by visualizing and testing your ideas.