Embracing Sustainability Comes naturally to us: Our Kitchen production is carbon-neutral, with the wood in our panels from sustainable grown forests. Each unit is built in a factory that generates its own energy and is shipped in recyclable packaging .

Sustainable Packaging

Keller hands over waste to certified waste processors. The company ensures used packaging and other waste gets processed in a sustainable fashion. To help this process, all packaging is made from recyclable material, mainly cardboard

Sustainable Product

Only sustainable materials are used in the manufacture of the kitchen cabinets: + Wood and panels are FSC® certified* + Multi-layered fibre board & MDF fibreboard meet E1 & formaldehyde emission requirements. + Laser edge technology reduces the use of glue dramatically.


Keller Kitchens is working hard to make a change – to use less energy and less material and to make the transfer to more sustainable alternatives without compromising quality or service. These initiatives don’t just influence but define the way the company does business. As proof that hard work and ability to change pays off, Keller has received several relevant certificate


We are proud to mention that the production of Keller kitchens is CO2 neutral. We have achieved this milestone by generating part of our electricity demand with solar panels. The remaining electricity demand is compensated by the purchasing of green electricity. We meet our heating demand by co-firing our wood waste in our special biomass installation. The remaining CO2 emissions are mitigated through partnerships with Trees for All and the Climate Neutral Group. Thanks to this additional mitigation, Keller Kitchens is officially carbon neutral..


By obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, Keller show that they continuously enhance and develop the quality standards. By visiting exhibitions and staying alert to trends, we signal the latest developments in time and translate these into our kitchen designs. By listening to the wishes of our stakeholders very closely, we also improve our services. For example, our customers attach great value to short delivery times. One of our quality improvements is that we have the NCS colours from our TREND Collection available at any time. This allows us to produce and deliver our kitchens faster. In addition, tailor-made requests undergo a thorough feasibility check before we produce them. In this way we limit the risk of errors and achieve the highest possible quality.


ISO 14001 shows that the company can identify, prioritise, manage and improve environmental aspects in a systematic way. For years, the company have taken responsibility for the effects of our activities on the environment by using a carbon neutral production process and using less energy and raw materials by switching to sustainable alternatives; for example, by investing in two new carton packaging machines. As a result, the cardboard packaging is completely tailor-made and reducing cardboard waste. In addition, the machines use 85% less power than its predecessor.


The CSR performance ladder is based on the ISO 26000 guideline which manages the international guidelines for sustainability and combines it with stakeholder management and GRI (indicators & reporting). It tells a lot about the role outside of an organisation. By working intensively with various stakeholders in the supply chain intensively, Keller plays an important part in the balance between People, Planet & Profit.