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In terms of bedroom furniture, wardrobes are second only to the king of the room, the bed, in terms of importance. Whether you like a built-in wardrobe or a freestanding wardrobe, they are a must-have piece of furniture in any bedroom!

It’s a fantastic idea to spend some time picking the right wardrobe, taking into account how it will look in the rest of the room and, more significantly, whether it will fit in the space at all! If you are not aware of how to choose a wardrobe that will suit you the most, our guide to wardrobes in Dubai is here to assist!

What are the Different Types of Wardrobes in Dubai?

Conventional hinged wardrobes or with contemporary sliding doors, mirrors add functionality to wardrobe design

One-door wardrobe is a great type of wardrobes in Dubai for tiny bedrooms since they are tall and narrow, occupying minimal floor space. An excellent choice if you only need to hang one item, but not so wonderful for those who must share!

The most popular option is a double wardrobe, which can be used in small and large areas without being overbearing. There are various interior fitting options for two-door closets, so you may choose between a combination of hanging space and shelves or a full double hanging space.

If you have a lot of clothes or need to share a closet, a triple wardrobe is a great option. A three-door wardrobe has a larger footprint, so it’s crucial to think about whether the space in your room is big enough to fit one and not too imposing at the same time.

A bi-fold wardrobe is an excellent space-saving alternative because they take up less space than a standard closet. Their folding design provides you with complete access to the closet’s interior without infringing on the rest of the space.

Corner wardrobes cleverly utilize space that would otherwise go unused. It is possible to combine two standalone wardrobes to create a huge storage solution for the bedroom if the space is available.


The minimalist look of an open clothes rail is becoming increasingly trendy, so if that’s your style, you might want to give it a try. Many wardrobe designs of this type have both hanging rails and shelves. They’re also considered as a good option for those on a budget.

It is one of the most purchased wardrobes. Swing doors on hinged wardrobes are similar to those on traditional doors. Using a hinged door wardrobe is an option if you have a lot of room or seek a classic, beautiful, and straightforward look.

Large mirrors are affixed to the doors of mirror wardrobes. The mirrors can be styled in any way you like. There are several reasons why a mirror wardrobe in Dubai is a good option for you, including the fact that it will make your room appear larger and more modern.

This type of wardrobe is known as sliding wardrobes because the doors glide together on tracks. In addition to saving space, they’re stylish for any contemporary home.

They are very similar to other types except that their doors are made of Glass.

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Tips to consider before buying a Wardrobe

The best way to locate a sartorial mate is to think carefully about your storage requirements. Before purchasing a wardrobe, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • If the wardrobe is shared with a partner, how much space will you have to work with?
  • Is it more important to have shelving and drawers than to have space for clothes to hang?
  • Is it necessary for your wardrobe to match the rest of your bedroom furniture?
  • Do you prefer hinged or bi-fold doors?

Remember that the wardrobes in UEA are all about you and can be completely tailored to suit your needs. Depending on your storage demands, you may prefer shelves or hangers and vice versa. If you are interested to learn more about the many types of wardrobes in Dubai, please continue reading.

Accessories used for wardrobes in UEA

Pants Rack

To save you from having to sift through a slew of hangers full of slacks, we present to you The Pants Rack. Full-extension, soft-close slides allow the Racks to display multiple pairs of pants at simultaneously! You may give your two-legged apparel a special spot in your closet with the help of separate, non-slip, steel hanger arms.

Shoe Rack

For shoes, a shoe rack can be used as a storage container. It is possible to have a shoe rack built into a closet organizer system as well as a separate stand-alone unit. There are a variety of shoe racks available depending on how many pairs of shoes you need to store and where in your house you intend to keep them.

Watch Box or a Watch Drawer

It’s a box or a drawer for storing your wristwatches. Protecting your timepieces from damage or prying eyes can be achieved using a variety of materials. A watch box can be used as a display case if it has an acrylic or glass window, or it can be used to store other jewelry that you want to keep safe or show off.

Tie Rack

It can be used for storing ties.

Lighting in the Wardrobe in Dubai

Lighting in closets can be divided into three categories: strip, recessed, and track light. Options include several types of bulbs and different mounting methods. A motion sensor or a cordless and battery-powered design makes some of these different types of lights automatically turn on.

Custom Wardrobes have many advantages

Longer Lifespan

A custom wardrobe Dubai is made of high-quality materials; they can survive for many years. For more than just the materials, a custom-built wardrobe is a work of art that reflects a designer’s attention to detail and love.

Custom wardrobes are built to last, unlike mass-produced factory-made ones, planned and manufactured using low-quality materials.

Specifically constructed to fit the desired Bedroom Dimension

Having a wardrobe made to your specifications ensures that it will fit perfectly in your bedroom.

As soon as you’ve had a wardrobe developed just for your bedroom, it’s made to fit your area perfectly. As a result, you’ll be able to keep more personal goods and garments in a more spacious bedroom because it’ll match properly to your room’s dimensions.

Custom-built wardrobes in Dubai are more flexible than factory-made furniture, allowing you to organize your clothing and other belongings in a way that suits best for you. In addition, you may choose from a variety of choices, such as shelving and drawer units, as well as hanging shelves.

Simple Cleaning

To completely clean a crowded closet, you must first remove everything. It is, however, possible to work around your clothes within a custom-built closet while cleaning them.

When it comes to the advantages of a custom wardrobe over a factory-made one, we’ve just scratched the surface and there are many other benefits. When remodeling or creating a new home, consider the custom wardrobes Dubai, due to their various benefits. Also, we are able to provide you with custom-made wardrobes based on your preferences.

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