9 Top Kitchen Trends 2022 | Best kitchen designs 2022

To get a jump start on the new year’s kitchen renovation, we are here to look at the hottest Kitchen trends 2022. You’ll be able to ensure that your kitchen is up to date with the current trends in kitchen design and materials, colors, and appliances. A survey of kitchen design experts has yielded some surprising answers about what they think is the next big thing in kitchen design. Everything from kitchen workspaces and reusable materials to app-controlled taps and mesh cabinet fronts. However, while these ideas may help you anticipate future kitchen design in Dubai trends, don’t forget to design a kitchen you enjoy spending time in. When you invest in a new kitchen, you’ll want to enjoy it for many years, no matter the latest kitchen trends.


Kitchen Cabinets with Vibrant Colors| Kitchen trends 2022

vibrant colors kitchen trend 2022


With forest green and burgundy joining the navy as the most popular tints, Among Kitchen trends 2022, employing bold, dark colors in the kitchen has been rumbling on for some time now. It’s encouraging to see consumers experimenting more with color and raw materials in kitchen design. Whether utilized as an accent or throughout the cabinets, green is becoming a key element in many industrial-inspired environments. In 2022, we will see a resurgence of darker hues, including jewel-like blues, greens, and metallics. Softer, muted mid-tone greens and earthy tones are also on the way. Pair these colors with eye-catching accents like large-scale patterned or textured worksurfaces, smoked glass cabinets, or statement shelving to make a design stand out from the crowd.


Floors with Herringbone Patterns

herringbone kitchen trend 2022

Herringbone and parquet floors are popular and expected to remain so in the coming year. Even in the most contemporary kitchens, it gives texture and warmth that can’t be achieved with any other material. Besides wood, there are many additional options for herringbone flooring, such as LVT and porcelain.


Marble Everywhere| Kitchen trends 2022


marble kitchen trend 2022


As one of the most beautiful Kitchen trends 2022, Metallic finishes like brass and gold look stunning with marble, which exudes a sense of richness and high-end quality and complements these metals beautifully. If you use marble in a creamy or white tint, the contrast with bright greens and blues will be striking. Lavishly veined marbles are expected to be one of the major newest kitchen trends 2022.


Wooden Kitchens

Even if wooden kitchen ideas aren’t a new phenomenon, how designers increasingly appreciate wood’s natural beauty is. Wooden kitchens will be all the rage among 2022 kitchen trends, thanks to new finishes and treatments that bring out the wood’s natural beauty and flair. If you are a fan of wooden kitchens and Italian kitchens, this is the year.


Metal Frame with Dark Glasses | Kitchen trends 2022

metal frame with dark glasses


Kitchen cabinets with metal frames and dark glasses are really good with white dinnerware on either side of a stainless steel vent hood that is mounted above a range, which is surrounded by white shaker cabinets and white quartz countertops.

Mix and Match Furniture


mix and match kitchen trend 2022


Maybe it’s because we want to make the most of what we have, or maybe we want to make our homes uniquely ours, but mixing and matching kitchens, which incorporate pieces from various collections and manufacturers, are on the rise. Many of these pieces had a very different original purpose than the one they serve today. A different perspective on furnishings is required to pull this style together. The old pine wardrobe could be transformed into a kitchen armoire with mesh fronts, or is the garage workbench begging to be transformed into a butcher’s block?


Appliances that fit in a drawer| Kitchen trends 2022


drawer appliances trend 2022


As one of the most rapidly expanding Kitchen trends 2022, drawer appliances go hand in hand with the kitchen drawers that have pushed traditional kitchen cupboards to the margins. Frozen food storage was the first step, followed by dishwasher drawers, which make so much more sense than a dishwasher that draws down and then comes out.


Smart Appliances in Kitchen trends 2020

smart kitchen trends 2022


You thought kitchen appliances had done all they could to make life easier, but things will only get better in the next few years. Whether it’s ovens that cook meals for you or fridges that order groceries for you, the possibilities are nearly limitless in this field. A couple of years ago, hot water taps were the talk of the town, but they’ve since been upgraded to include the ability to deliver both boiling and cold water. If you are interested in Smart kitchen, take a look at What do you need to have in a smart kitchen in Dubai? article.


Minimalist Design | Kitchen trends 2022

minimalist kitchen trend 2022


Modern, minimalist Kitchen trends 2022 are expected to flood the market. As a respite from our hectic lifestyles, the new minimalist Dutch kitchen in Dubai collections features simple lines, fuss-free details, and shiny finishes throughout their kitchen cabinets.



Well, these were our top nine picks for Kitchen trends 2022. If you opt for modern kitchens, we are here to help you out with our fresh and smart design ideas (we can also help you with other types of kitchens, too!). Feel free to reach us for more information and questions on your mind.


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