Is it better to put the kitchen hob on island? Or the sink? These are probably the most common ones you ask yourself when designing your kitchen. Every time a client requests a kitchen island in their design, we have this conversation. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to kitchen design. It all comes down to personal preference, cooking, and how you use your kitchen.

So, this post focuses on having a kitchen hob on island or sink and everything you should know about the pros and cons. Come on, let’s see what we need to know.


What’s the point of having a kitchen hob on island?


hob on top kitchen


We’re aware that a kitchen hob on island is possible, but why would we want to do so? Some of the primary reasons you might want to put your hob on a kitchen island have been discussed.



It’s important to remember that having a kitchen hob on island can help you create the ideal cooking zone. Your sink, hob, and refrigerator are all part of the working triangle. To get the working triangle in your kitchen, it’s best to have the hob in the kitchen island next To or right next to the sink.


Social Hub

It’s important to keep in mind that the kitchen hob on island makes for an excellent social gathering spot and a fun place to cook. Thanks to the kitchen islands with hobs, you can look out into the room while you’re frying up a delicious meal and converse with your guests.



Additionally, a kitchen hob on island can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. Look at the kitchen hob images to see what I mean.


Hob on the ceiling and next to a window

How big should a kitchen hob on island be?

Ideally, the width should be at least 1.8 meters. Having a 60cm hob and two 60cm cabinets on either side will allow enough room. The 1.8m is made up of three 600mm cabinets. A well-balanced design. With two 300mm cabinets on either side of the hob, this could be as little as 1.2m wide, but we wouldn’t go any smaller than that, and it’s the least size for small kitchen hobs.


Benefits of kitchen hob on island 

  • Cooking in a more social setting
  • It’s a great ‘working triangle’ and provides a more efficient layout.
  • It helps create a more symmetrical and visually appealing design

Functional kitchen Design

Drawbacks of kitchen hob on island 

  • More thought and planning should go into selecting a cooktop hood.
  • It may be difficult or expensive to provide power or gas to the room’s center.
  • Larger kitchen islands are needed to accommodate a hob and remain functional. For small islands, this is not an option.


What are the reasons of a sink in a kitchen island? 

sink in a kitchen island


Many kitchen island designs include a sink in the center of the island. We have various reasons for this.



Work triangles and zones can be created by placing the kitchen sink on an island. Everything we’ve said so far has implications here, as well, and if you are looking for sinks and taps in Dubai, we can provide you with that.



The aesthetics of your kitchen will benefit greatly if the sink is located in the center of your island. Building the island or countertop in Dubai around the sink is possible to achieve symmetry and balance. The wow factor of a kitchen can be diminished if the sink and stove are both located on the same island.


If your kitchen lacks a window

There is no overhead obstruction when washing dishes when they are located near a window, making it an ideal location for a kitchen sink. If you don’t have a window, having a sink in the kitchen island can still accomplish the same goals for your Modern Kitchen in Dubai. For a more social and pleasant experience, you can look out of the window and see the rest of the room while washing up.


Benefits of a sink in a kitchen island 

  • It’s a great ‘working triangle’ and provides a more efficient layout.
  • It’s more pleasant to converse with others while doing the dishes, and it offers a better view if you don’t have a window.
  • It helps create a more symmetrical and visually appealing design
  • Thanks to this product’s versatility, prep or small kitchen appliances can be placed on larger, more functional sections of open worktop space.
  • Pendant lights can be installed above the kitchen island without worrying about extraction.


Drawbacks of a sink in a kitchen island

  • It is necessary to install plumbing in the room’s center, but doing so can be difficult and expensive.
  • The sink is a mess magnet that detracts from the kitchen island’s wow factor.
  • The poor choice of sink and tap may harm kitchen island aesthetics.
  • A sink necessitates a larger island to be practical – For small islands, this is not an option


Final Thoughts: kitchen hob on island or sink

That’s it! All you need to know about putting a kitchen hob on island or sink. Remember that you have complete freedom to select any of these options based on your personal taste for your kitchen in Dubai. So, which team do you belong to? Team Hob or Team Sink?