Some of the most common kitchen design mistakes people make in designing and decorating their kitchens can be avoided by paying attention to these tips. Experts say the following are some of the most common kitchen design mistakes people make in designing a kitchen.

  • 1- Poor planning might result in an unusable and unappealing kitchen is one of the common kitchen design mistakes

Jessica Lagrange, the owner of Jessica Lagrange Interiors, emphasized the need for a well-thought-out kitchen design.

The arrangement of cabinets and appliances is very important and must completely suit with how you cook and clean. The design of a kitchen in UAE that works for someone who has a lot of guests necessitates thoughtful consideration and meticulous planning.

Plan out the layout of your kitchen, including all of your most-used appliances, on paper before beginning any design or renovation work.  If you have any questions and doubts regarding the proper planning, you can contact us for a free consultation and design of your kitchen.


  • 2- It’s both dull and inefficient if you don’t have enough light in a kitchen design

Proper lighting is essential for a kitchen to function properly and achieve its full potential.

It will be difficult to cook meals every night if your kitchen has poor illumination. As many light sources as possible should be used to ensure that the kitchen has appropriate lighting. For free designing your kitchen, avoiding this kind of kitchen design mistakes and getting proper lighting, you can consult with us.


  • 3- Ignoring the backsplash

This is more than just a cosmetic feature. Your walls are protected from water, steam, and grease by the backsplash. So try to choose a proper backsplash for your kitchen.


  • 4- Poor circulation 

There’s absolutely nothing worse than having a kitchen that’s too cramped to work in comfortably. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, adequate circulation should be a top consideration in your design plan.

Having a lot of people in the kitchen at once can make the space feel cramped, and it may also limit how many people can use it once. 4 feet of spacing between counters/islands is recommended for proper circulation. Try to get at least 3.5 feet of counter space, or as much as your kitchen space will allow if it is small.


  • 5- Ignoring the triangle of work

A smooth workflow in the kitchen necessitates the use of the work triangle. Your cooktop, sink, and refrigerator are connected by a triangle, making the transition between them simple. The circulation points in a kitchen are between the cook top, sink and refrigerator. The imaginary lines between these three points are the called the kitchen work triangle.

Between 4 and 9 feet is ideal for each leg of the work triangle (the distance between each work area), making it easy for you to cook and clean.


  • 6- Taking use of vertical space

Another common mistake in kitchen design, especially in smaller spaces, is failing to make the most of the available vertical space. Your kitchen will become unusable if you don’t make the most of the vertical space available to you.

Open shelves or overhead cabinets can be installed to increase storage space. Don’t waste space at the top of cabinets and shelves by not extending them to the ceiling. Even open shelves and locked cupboards can be used to create visual interest in the kitchen.


  • 7- An overabundance of cords and plugs on your countertops is a clear sign of a poorly-planned kitchen

When designing kitchens, large appliances were considered, but smaller ones were often overlooked. There are a lot of smaller appliances people use, like the blender and toaster, that get overlooked, resulting in messy counters with cables flowing to the closest outlet. Professionally moving outlets in your kitchen may improve its usability and visual appeal, but it will cost you money.

  • 8- It’s easy for dust to accumulate if you leave a large empty space above your cabinets.

Leaving a large gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling is one of the most visible errors in a kitchen design. Of course, some people may require this space but for many it’s absolutely unnecessary. These areas are difficult to maintain and provide no real value. A soffit is a better choice for concealing the gap.

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