The complete guide to hidden sinks and taps benefits, usage, installation cost, and more!

Hidden sinks and taps benefits

Compact kitchens, bars, and outdoor kitchens all benefit from the addition of hidden sinks and taps. These sink covers typically come with hidden sink lids to give you “extra space” for food preparation. For example, you can use this extra space to chop up fruit and vegetables, mix flour or roll out dough. The sink’s functionality has been elevated even further thanks to the addition of a hidden kitchen sink and tap. An invisible sink folding faucet may be the answer if you want to hide your kitchen or simplify your design. They’re also great for outdoor kitchens.


You’ll be able to organize your stuff better with hidden sinks and taps

If you have a small kitchen, you may be pressed for counter space. The edge of the sink won’t get in the way of counter space if you use hidden sinks and taps. When it comes to the sink, you can use all the space up to the edge. Small home appliances, cutting boards, knife blocks, dish drainers, and other small items can now be easily stored on your counters. This space-saving device is ideal for apartments, mother-in-law suites, or smaller homes.

hidden sinks and taps



Flexible, livable houses are in high demand now more than ever. Regardless of how big your house is, this is good advice to follow. Your kitchen in Dubai counter can be used for other things when a retractable kitchen faucet is not in use because it usually drops below the height of the counter. That’s wonderful news for anyone who uses their kitchen counter as an office, schoolroom, creative center, gaming table, etc.


Streamlined Design

hidden sinks and taps


Sometimes it’s desirable to make the kitchen disappear into the background when living with an open plan kitchen. The fastest approach to accomplish this is to use hidden sinks and taps and conceal the faucet while also increasing the amount of available counter space. In addition to reducing counter clutter, a hide away kitchen tap gives the illusion of greater room.


For counter cleaning, hidden sinks and taps are the best

The hidden sinks and taps are the clear victor for countertop cleanup. In fact, the configuration’s primary selling point is its simplicity of cleaning. There is no lip around the sink so that food particles can be swabbed straight into it from the counter. If you desire a truly seamless experience, you’ll need a drop-in sink with a lower-profile rim than others. You have to swipe around, not go over, an enameled cast iron sink rim to use a stainless steel drop-in.

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Installation Cost

It is more expensive to install hidden sinks and taps than ordinary ones. Attempting to install hidden sinks yourself is not suggested due to the risk of damaging an expensive countertop. It is possible to incorporate these sinks into any remodeling project, and they can fit in with a wide range of styles.


The hidden sinks and taps help sell value

The resale value of your home will not be affected by the type of sink in your kitchen. Major improvements, such as an expansion, new flooring throughout the house, or finished rooms, have a greater impact on resale value than individual fixtures like a kitchen sink or bathroom vanity. Because of their bespoke look and feel, hidden sinks and taps are clearly superior to standard drop-ins. They have a better resale value than a drop-in sink since it is a more expensive designer kitchen component.


The hidden sinks and taps are trendy without being too much

hidden sinks and taps


As a potential home buyer, you may ask yourself how to incorporate current kitchen trends into your home without creating something that will be out of style in a matter of years. Keep in mind that hidden sinks and taps are a great way to incorporate a current trend that will still be fashionable and useful in ten years or more. In recent years, the floating sinks have been beautiful, but they won’t be practical when people want to make changes in their homes. The seamless appearance of these sinks and taps make them ideal for today’s modern homes, and the simplicity of their cleaning process ensures that the owners will definitely enjoy them.


Bottom line

Before you buy hidden sinks and taps, do some research. Some previously purchased faucets can only be used with specific types of sinks. Look at how these types of sinks affect your sink’s plumbing and counter space. If you are looking for sinks and taps in Dubai ideas, take a look at our services page or contact us by the below button.

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