The Dutch are a global leader in the design and development of Dutch kitchens. You can be sure that the country is increasingly being compared to classic kitchen design leaders like Italy and Germany with a choice of internationally famous kitchen design businesses. People worldwide seek after the Dutch kitchen design style, and they want a piece of it in their own homes. The Dutch kitchen style lives up to its reputation, with the kitchen frequently situated in the middle of the house, bringing everyone together.


Dutch kitchens use space efficiently

Dutch kitchens


More people live in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the European Union and the world. Since most homes have a modest footprint, the galley-style layout of a Dutch kitchen works well with the limited space. With two walls of parallel cabinets and work surfaces, the galley plan of the Dutch kitchen’s design style maximizes storage and workspace in the shortest possible space. The Dutch kitchen generally connects to an eating and social space to minimize a claustrophobic sensation.


Dutch kitchens pay attention to historical elements

Since Dutch kitchens in Dubai make excellent use of available space and feature a sleek, modern aesthetic, it’s easy to believe it’s an extremely functional kitchen design. While the Netherlands has a long and rich history, almost every Dutch kitchen has historical characteristics that provide character and customization to the room. Refurbished wood floors in a historic property bring a sense of warmth to the otherwise stark white kitchen. Decorative blue and white Delft porcelain make it easy to access your daily ingredients. Dutch doors can provide much-needed ventilation in a small space.


How does a Dutch kitchen look?

Super-thick marble edging features

With a super-thick edge detail, your marble countertops will stand out from the crowd.

A range hood that stands out

Because of the trend toward kitchens without top cabinets, the range hood is becoming an increasingly popular design element. While this reduces storage capacity, it also creates the illusion of more space in a tiny kitchen. The black metal box of this range hood may not be flashy, but the quiet elegance it exudes is undeniable.

Dutch kitchen cabinet with integrated handles

The recessed handles on the cabinet doors add a beautiful and functional touch to these cabinets.

A stunning floor that attracts attention

The chevron wood floor in the kitchen helps counterbalance the cool, minimalist look of the rest of the room. Add an intriguing floor, whether wood or tile, to maintain the look of a kitchen simple but attractive.


Four Dutch kitchen designers that their design is very popular these days


Arjan Lodder Dutch design

When Arjan Lodder founded his kitchen design company, Arjan Lodder Keukens, 20 years ago, he was influenced by German kitchen design. This design studio creates all its products from scratch, including wooden cabinets and hardware. On the above, you can see their famous design.


I29 dutch kitchen


I29 is an interior design studio founded by a pair of interior architects who describe themselves as “innovative and versatile.” Located in the Dutch city of Duivendrecht, the company’s designers are known for their attention to fine details and innovative designs. This is a strategy that is both practical and founded on solid concepts. I29 has recently worked on several kitchen design projects, even though they are not strictly a kitchen design company.


Founded by two brothers more than 75 years ago, Keller Kitchens is a well-known Dutch kitchen company. Kitchens from this company are gorgeous and well-suited to the needs of the people who use them. Rustic, nostalgic, classic, and modern styles are all available. For those who want a more elegant appearance, Keller also makes a line of doors without handles.


A total of seven different kitchen designs may be seen in Piet Boon Kitchen in Oostzaan, an Amsterdam suburb. The designs result from technological expertise, a love for natural materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Piet Boon’s idea of balancing practicality, aesthetics, and uniqueness is evident in each design. The studio’s goal is to provide cutting-edge kitchen design that caters to various customers.

If you are looking for a Dutch kitchen in UAE, and you prefer one of the above designs by these fantastic designers, we can make that happen. Also, by using 3D design kitchens technology, you can see how Dutch kitchens look before ordering one.