Luxury is best exemplified by the presence of a walk in wardrobe in Dubai. Walk-in closets are fantastic for storing your clothing, shoes, and accessories, but they can also be a place to relax and recharge (if done right).

Even if you have a lot of room to work with, things can still become disorganized if you don’t have a structure to keep them that way. Here, these walk-in storage ideas come into play. A walk-in closet isn’t necessary, but if you’re seeking to make the most of your space, we’ve got some proper suggestions to get you started.

Keep in mind that the room’s appearance and function are two of the most important elements to keep in mind while making a decision. An effective structure and organization system is just as vital as selecting an enticing walk in wardrobe design ideas, whether it’s through using baskets, color-coded shelves, or other storage solutions.

Walk in wardrobe in Dubai with sliding doors

sliding doors in walkin wardrobes

This walk-in wardrobe is a terrific small-space option, and it looks stylish and sophisticated. Despite the sliding doors, the mesh design really generates a sense of openness rather than sealing the walk-in closet off from the room.

Walk in wardrobe in Dubai with additional storage

Additional storage in walkin wardrobes

Although the style and arrangement of this walk in wardrobe in Dubai are fairly standard, with hooks and shelves on one wall, a center area for drawers, and mirrors on the other, it features a plethora of storage options, including hooks, closed drawers, see-through drawer storage, basket storage, and racks and shelves.

Supersized walk in wardrobe in Dubai

supersized walkin wardrobes

Building this walk-in closet will take a lot of time, money, and room. Once it’s finished, the room will have a lot of storage options, including plenty of different-sized drawers, additional shelving, and sections for small items.

Some Trendy Design Ideas

 Makeup Table

makeup table in walikin wardrobes in dubai

Getting ready might be a lot easier if you have a cosmetics table in your walk in wardrobe in Dubai. Hang a mirror, place a plush stool, and you’ve got yourself the perfect workspace.

Shelves that make a statement 

For a personal touch, wallpaper the backs of your shelves. When decorating an all-white space, create a statement with bright colors and patterns. If you need consolation on best wardrobe colours in Dubai, feel free to reach us.

Hangers for Purses in walk in wardrobe 

hangers in walk in warrobes

Hats and shoes can be stored in the many drawers and shelves in a walk in wardrobe in Dubai. Hang your bags instead of putting them on the shelf.

Color-Coordinated Shelves

Color-coding your closet is aesthetically pleasing, but it also simplifies deciding what to wear. Brighten the room with a neon sign in your favorite color.

Shoes Hanger

To maximize storage space in a walk in wardrobe in Dubai, hang tall boots on special hangers instead of putting them on shelves.

Lighting ideas lighting in walk in wardrobes

When it comes to walk in wardrobe in Dubai, one of the most important factors is the lighting. It’s crucial to maximize the amount of space you have in your walk-in closet or convert a room into one, and lighting can play a role. In a dressing room, your clothes’ diverse textures and colors will come to life thanks to well-placed lighting fixtures. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • In a dressing room, it’s better to avoid using overhead or downlights. Because of the direction of the light, the shadows formed on the face and torso might be unattractive.
  • Installing pendant lights just for aesthetic reasons is also an option. If you have a central storage island in your dressing room, a low-hanging pendant light is perfect for illuminating it. It’s important to remember that pendant lighting will not illuminate the finer points of your room’s design.
  • This is a great method to show off your favorite possessions and illuminate items inside cupboards or behind the shelving.
  • As a general rule, strip lights perform best when placed along the borders of a mirror. If you’re using the mirror to choose an outfit or apply make-up, the light will be evenly distributed throughout your body or face.
  • If you want to dry or straighten your hair in the dressing room, note where the plug connections are placed.

Open shelving with island in walk in wardrobes

walk in wardrobes open shelving with island

Another trendy idea is open shelving with island and a partition made of wardrobe hanging between the walk in and bedroom. Remember that besides what we mentioned above, we can add any accessories that you want! Take a look at the pictures at the end of the article for more inspiration.

Estimated Cost of a walk in wardrobe in Dubai

A small, basic walk in wardrobe in Dubai can cost as little as AED 9500, while the most luxurious can cost as much as AED 306000 to AED 329000 and even more! Based on your preferences and walk in wardrobe furniture you choose, the walk in wardrobe cost can vary greatly. Also, the dimensions for the wardrobes affect the total cost, too. For example, standard wardrobes are 1.9*.6*2.8 but you are totally free to choose the dimensions that you want. Another thing we can design your wardrobes in short time, depending on the material you choose.


These were some of the trendiest walk in wardrobe in Dubai design ideas that you can consider for your future projects. As expert wardrobes in Dubai designers, we suggest that you think of the planning, calculate the proportions, and carefully allocate space before installation if you want a good walk in wardrobe design.

walk in wardrobes ideas

walkin wardrobe
iron stand in walk in wardrobe
walkin wardrobe